Wheel of Fortune

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What is the most popular syndicated show on evening television? If you said Wheel of Fortune, you are correct. There have been countless releases of the popular game show on console platforms, but the one I remember playing from my childhood is the Nintendo version (more…)


Think Again!

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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Trivia games have been a mainstay in party entertainment since the 60s and on our tables since the production of Trivial Pursuit in the late 70s. When the idea of playing a trivia game comes up, everyone knows what that means; topical questions revolving around sports, history, art, pop culture, etc… The person with the most correct answers wins. Pretty straight forward. (more…)

dark souls

MVRP Dark Souls

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After hearing non-stop requests for this game, Mike and Vinny finally decided to play Dark Souls, a game notorious for its player-punishing difficulty. That said, watch two no-nothing noobs experience what will assuredly be a soul-crushing defeat for both of their egos. (more…)

Sonic Adventure DX

MVRP Sonic Adventure DX

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Vinny doesn’t want revenge. He doesn’t want bloodshed. He only wants to cause mild suffering to Mike as only a good friend would. This week, it is time for Mike to face one of the worst mainline Sonic games, Sonic Adventure DX. It may not be the reason that Sega had to close its doors on the Dreamcast, but maybe it should have been. (more…)

Duke Nukem 3D

MVRP: Duke Nukem 3D

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The most manly game in all of existence is one Vinny has yet to play. This week, Vinny is forced to play Duke Nukem 3D, a game he has only heard of in the past. For Mike, along with most of the population, it is a (more…)


MLB Showdown

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MLB Showdown is a Trading Card Game (TCG) that was printed from 2000 to 2005 that simulates baseball. It is the game on which I have spent the most money in my life, as I spent the majority of my income in high school on the game.  For those unaware, a TCG is a game where players buy a pack of cards (commonly called “boosters”) in order to construct a deck to play against other decks. MLB Showdown is an amazing game, one I have very fond memories of, and really is exactly what it seeks to be: a TCG version of a baseball simulator. (more…)


Monster Factory

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Let’s set the scene. Dr. Frankenstein’s dark and dreary basement laboratory. He’s building his monster—wait a minute, are those googly eyes? Is that blob wearing a flower hat? I can’t say the purple blob creatures of Monster Factory are the “stuff of nightmares,” but I will say they are weird and fun. (more…)

little inferno title

Little Inferno

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Little Inferno is a strange little title all about purchasing things only to watch them burn. Being face-to-face with your own fireplace for the majority of the game is surprisingly engaging. (more…)


MVRP: Pikmin

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Tiny Aliens plucking even smaller aliens from the ground is not exactly the most common theme for a game. Nintendo’s puzzle, strategy, adventure series Pikmin is not the most well known or the most well-loved series (more…)


Turn the Tide

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The goal of Turn the Tide is to keep your sheep floating by keeping the tide low. You heard that right, a game full of sheep, waves, and life preservers is just what you need to add to your collection. (more…)

South Park The Stick of Truth

South Park: The Stick of Truth

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 If you’ve ever had any degree of love for the television/pop-culture phenomenon that is South Park, you’d be hard pressed not to be enraptured by the newly released South Park: The Stick of Truth (more…)