MVRP: Super Mario 3D World

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Super Mario 3D World is the next in the line of amazing games by Nintendo with a terribly confusing name. Is it like Super Mario World, is it in 3D like Super Mario 3D Land? Does it work on a 3D plane like Super Mario 64? Well, this week Vinny forces Mike to try and figure it all out. Also… there are cat suits. Don’t question it. (more…)


Shan’s First Look: Five Nights at Freddy’s

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So, it’s October. The month of Halloween. For the youngsters it’s about dressing up, knocking on people’s doors and getting as much candy as possible. For those of us slightly older, it’s about going out with friends, attending parties and getting as drunk as humanly possible. For me, it’s about the scary games,  the spooky paranormal movies, and sure, I’ll throw a bit of alcohol into the mix. The first spooky game I decided to try was Five Nights at Freddy’s. I had heard a lot about it, seen the ‘let’s play’ videos of grown men screaming and leaping out of their seats at the sight of an animatronic bear. A 200mb game, couldn’t be that scary right? Wrong. Join me as I nervously tried to last a whole night on this game, but failed. Miserably. (more…)


King of Tokyo: Halloween

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It’s that time of year when people dress up as their favorite monster or, in recent memory, the sexy [insert career choice here]. I hear some of you saying “Darn the luck, I’m already a sexy librarian, what do I do for Halloween?” Well, I’m sorry you have suffer through this trying time. I might pose a question back at you; What if you are already a monster? Do you dress up like a human? King of Tokyo: Halloween is an expansion to the wildly successful King of Tokyo that brings some fun and light-hearted Halloween elements to the act of smashing Tokyo one stomp at a time. (more…)


MVRP: Punch-Out!!

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There is a big, gaping hole in Vinny’s gaming repertoire. With the release of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Little Mac’s debut to the game, Mike decided that it was time Vinny was forced to play Punch-Out!! for the NES formerly known as Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! before the copyright evaporated. Can Vinny punch his way to victory? Probably not. Actually, no. He can’t. Watch anyway! (more…)


Pressure Cooker

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In the Rio Grande game, Pressure Cooker, players compete to complete orders in a real-time race for the title of most efficient chef. The kitchen has a jumble of ingredients and each cook is back there trying to make a name for themselves. Come into a world of demanding customers, where quality is rewarded, but speed is king. (more…)


Coins for Anything: Fantasy Metal Gaming Coins

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The nature of fantasy culture relies on fantastic imaginary worlds where magic and fantastic creatures are common. Often inspired by mythology and folklore, fantasy role-playing and gaming might just be as close as we can get to experiencing our fantasies as reality. For as engrossing as a genre artwork can be, there are limits to immersing one’s self by merely looking at fantastic imagery. Board games and Role playing can rely heavily on figurines, costumes, and props. Coins for Anything has come up with a marriage of art and accessory with their line of Fantasy Metal Gaming Coins. (more…)


MVRP: Hyrule Warriors

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Mike likes Dynasty Warriors games, but only plays Nintendo games when Vinny forces him to. This Wednesday, Vinny makes Mike play the newest installment in the Zelda series, Hyrule Warriors, a mash-up of Zelda characters in a Dynasty Warriors-style game. Can he collect the rupees? Can he kill thousands of Bokoblins, rescue the princess, and save the day from a man-eating plant?  (more…)

Burger king

MVRP: Vinny’s Scraps

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This week features a special episode of MVRP, no it isn’t a clip show, today we have spliced two “lost” scraps of MVRP history and put them together for your viewing pleasure. The first game is Sneak King, a previously unaired episode that we originally just cut completely. The second clip is an extended look at Ninja Gaiden for Xbox in which Vinny refuses to be lambasted by the second stage boss anymore. We still have a few scraps in the MVRP vault so if you like this one, let us know and we can splice some more clips together. Enjoy! (more…)

Super Princess Peach cover

Super Princess Peach

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There is an expression in writing called, “killing your darlings.” It is essentially the act of taking a word you overuse or paragraph you really like and giving it the axe. It could be at the discretion of the editor, but it is essentially the writer having the conclusion that their “darling” just isn’t in the best interest of the work. What does that have to do with a video game about the Mushroom Kingdom’s princess and her foray into a game titled after herself? (more…)


MVRP: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

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“No, no it never fails, they’ll take the clues and find the wheres and whys and whos. Mike Mike Mike Mike ‘n Vinny, Rescue Rangers!” This week on MVRP, Vinny thinks he is forcing Mike to play an NES classic, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers for the NES, but soon realizes that the game has other plans in store for him. (more…)


Enemy Front (PC)

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So, recently I decided to try a few new(ish) shooter games. I wanted ones preferably set during World War II just so I could get away from the craziness that inevitably comes with Battlefield. Also, because of the love affair I have with another WWII game (more…)

Grand theft auto

MVRP: Grand Theft Auto

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Wait, there was a Grand Theft Auto game before 3? It was top-down? What the hell? These sentiments and more are expressed by Vinny, who doesn’t really even pay the good Grand Theft Auto games, never mind its humble beginnings. Since Mike is evil and the point of the show is to enlighten and annoy, Vinny is forced to play the PS one “classic” Grand Theft Auto. (more…)

Thunder Alley

Thunder Alley

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Thunder Alley is a stock car racing game from GMT.  Usually, I am drawn to games for two reasons. First, the complexity of their strategy and tactics, and secondly, I am drawn to games that elicit a gut level excitement as they progress. I like knowing that each time I bring that game to the table, I can modify what I have done before slightly or drastically in an attempt to improve upon previous outcomes. Games like Agricola and Steam fit this sensibility quite well. As my game collection grows, I continue to specifically seek out different gaming experiences, trying to find these qualities in other game genres. This search led me to racing games, and, of course, to Formula D, which is THE name of the genre. Unfortunately, I hated it. (more…)