Video Gamers Wanted

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Past Contributor Profile Gamer NerdDo you consider yourself a Gamer Nerd? Are you the type of gamer who chooses questing, leveling, headshotting, or resource mining over sleep? Well, we’ve got the place for you! The Gamer Nerd is looking for a few good video gamers.

We want to expand our video gaming content. If you feel like you can put a few words together reviewing a game or expressing an opinion about the state of the gaming world, we want to hear from you! Gamers with writing skills are a rare breed. Do you fit the bill?

Emphasis will be placed on current gen console, PC, and mobile app gamers that live in the New Release section at their local game/app store.

We are a community of gamers that just love the culture. We aren’t in the ad business and we don’t whore our services out for money (yet). If you want to contribute to our community for the love of gaming and the sheer Nerd EXP, then press pause and reach out to us. Interested? Message us on Facebook or send an email to

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    • Gary Meacher

      This site is a “labor of love” project right now. Notice there is no advertising on the site. As we progress and become open to advertising we will profit share as much as possible.

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