The Gamer Nerd Turns 2

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2 years ago we launched The Gamer Nerd. We’ve grown so much this past year. We wanted to take a quick moment to share in some of our accomplishments—and when I say “our” I mean you too! Without our readers and fellow nerds we would be nothing. So cheers to you and thanks for making this site worthwhile. (more…)

International #TableTop Day 2014

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“International TableTop Day is a celebration for all the fans of tabletop gaming. A single day where the whole world is brought together in a common purpose of spending time together and having fun.”

The Gamer Nerd will be participating in the 2014 International #Tabletop Day! Visit their site for more details on how you can participate in your local gaming community. (more…)

Extra Life 2013 Event

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The Gamer Nerd has decided to take part in the Extra Life 2013 Event. Here are the details from

On an Autumn Saturday each year since 2008, tens of thousands of gamers have joined together to save the lives of local kids in a celebration of gaming culture that we call Extra Life. (more…)