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uniquedicetowersUnique Dice Towers is a company that employed the miracles of Kickstarter to back a project that went up in April of 2012 and found itself 2,243% funded by May. Yep, you read that right —they asked for $1,000 to start this project and ended up raising $22,438. I think its safe to say that the gaming community was ripe for their products. As the name would have it, Unique Dice Towers produces very unique dice towers.

uniquedicetower_toptrayAs a gamer, you’ll find yourself in many dice rolling scenarios. Whether you’re a hardcore role player, miniatures fanatic, or straight up tabletop board gamer—dice will always be a part of your culture. As with any hobby, you might have that itch to accessorize. Its not uncommon to hear about gamers that “trick out” their games by upgrading the pieces, developing scale replicas, printing out custom player guides, or modifying the artwork. Unique Dice Towers is in the wheelhouse of that gamer that wants a customized experience with a flare for art.


As any designer might tell you “form follows function”. Beyond the realm of beautiful craftsmanship and an eye for aesthetics, Unique Dice Towers also solve a few problems. We’ve all played a game where pieces go flying and someone has to crawl under the table to hunt for a die gone astray. Dice towers solve those problems by keeping things organized, contained, and centrally located for all players to reach. Even after the game is over these dice towers double up in functionality with a storage feature. Not only can your dice be stored within the tower, the dice tower itself folds over and compacts down for easy storage or display if you’re really proud of the design.

uniquedicetower_backcompactedI would not hesitate to say that these dice towers are a functioning piece of art. The craftsmanship that goes into these is obvious. From the detailed cutouts, to the eye for quality materials, and everything in-between—this product has not disappointed. If you browse some of their default design options you’ll find war themes, dragons, gears, and even a police box. If you dig a little deeper into your pocket you’ll be compelled to get a custom tower produced. We at The Gamer Nerd were fortunate enough for Unique Dice Towers to develop a custom TheGamerNerd.com tower, complete with our logo and design cues from our site.

uniquedicetower_backupAs with all things worth having, you get what you pay for. You can grab a functioning dice tower off the shelf for $10 at a game store. You can even print out your own on thick card stock and try your hands at gluing and taping. For those that take gaming to the next level you’ll drop $40–$60 on a Unique Dice Tower. I’ll admit I was taken aback by the price at first sight, but believe me the quality of this product backed by the jealous looks you’ll get from other gamers and the sheer pride you’ll have by playing with a custom designed extension of yourself makes the price tag worth it. Check out www.uniquedicetowers.com for more details.

Unique Dice Towers provided The Gamer Nerd with a review copy of this product.

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