Three Tree Studio Dice Box and Tray

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ThreeTreeStudio_CardLike yin and yang, Bert and Ernie, shoes and socks, milk and cookies—you can’t have tabletop gamers without dice. We get nerdy about our gaming accessories don’t we? You know things are getting really nerdy when our accessories have accessories!

What better way to treat our soul mates in gaming than to pamper them with the some of the finest and classiest swag we’ve seen—Three Tree Studio’s Dice Box and Dice Tray.

Three Tree Studio is a team of brothers with backgrounds in fine arts and product design. Their specialty products focus on “functioning art” through handcrafted woodworking. Their dice accessories are solidly constructed from quality American hardwoods. They finish all of their products with natural finishes which allow the natural grain and texture of the wood to be the focal point of each piece. Photos don’t do these products justice, part of the experience is feeling that smooth finish. There is a clear difference in these handcrafted works and the plethora of laser-cut budget wood accessories from other companies we’ve seen in recent years.

Choosing between the Black Walnut, Quartersawn White Oak, or Cherry woods is a tough choice—dare I say you might need to roll for it? That’s terrible—I wish I didn’t make that joke…

ThreeTreeStudio_DiceBoxThe Dice Box is my favorite of the two products. It is designed to hold seven 16mm polyhedral dice (with a little wiggle room). The box itself is sealed and secured with rare earth magnets. The clamshell design functions really well and manages to keep the dice safely resting in the order in which you stored them. There is definitely a point of pride when you show up to your dungeon crawl night, D&D meet up, or casino night with one of these beautifully crafted Dice Boxes in your pocket or game bag.

ThreeTreeStudio_DiceTrayThe Dice Tray has functioned on multiple levels for me. Of course it works wonders as a way to corral those critical dice rolls but I’ve also found myself using it as a centerpiece on my dinning table. The woodwork is elegant and makes for a great conversation piece. It’s not uncommon for someone to see this on my table and feel compelled to start rolling some dice. I will always welcome something that pushes my guests into starting a gaming session. Personally, the Dice Tray is as advertised when it comes to its function as a dice wrangler. Unfortunately, I have to knock down my rating just a tad because the nature of a wood tray ends up magnifying the noise the dice make when rolled and really creates a loud and jarring sound. As with most things, time and place factor into this equation. At a vibrant and energetic game night or party the dice tray fits right in. During a heavier gaming session with lots of deep strategizing or a more intimate setting with a smaller group the Dice Tray becomes a disturbance. A simple felt or cushioned landing area would help with this issue but would take away from the elegant finish and aesthetic appeal of the product—form versus function makes for a tough design decision.

ThreeTreeStudio_DiceTray_D20A few things you might want to keep in mind when buying from Three Tree Studio. The items were shipped to me in an extremely well packaged box with the utmost care on getting the product to me safely. Included in the box was a beautifully designed business card—a detail that really elevates my opinion of them as a company, I appreciate their eye for design and professionalism.

There is a luxury price tag with these items. The Tray is priced at $80 and the Dice Box at $28. You can truly feel and see the quality of these products, justifying the price for the right gamer’s lifestyle.

Three Tree Studio Dice Box and Tray gaming collection are beautiful, well crafted, and a great addition to any dice-chucking-gamer’s game arsenal.

Three Tree Studio provided The Gamer Nerd with review copies of these products.

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