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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

ThinkAgain!Trivia games have been a mainstay in party entertainment since the 60s and on our tables since the production of Trivial Pursuit in the late 70s. When the idea of playing a trivia game comes up, everyone knows what that means; topical questions revolving around sports, history, art, pop culture, etc… The person with the most correct answers wins. Pretty straight forward.

Well, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get through this review without making this terrible joke—but, Think Again!

Think Again! isn’t your average family/party trivia game. First of all, I guarantee everyone knows 90% of the answers. Second, knowing the right answer isn’t always a good thing. What? Yep, you read that right, Think Again! is a trivia game in which saying the “correct” answer might be wrong. Let me explain.

ThinkAgain_rightPlayers take turns reading questions. Each player reads 5 consecutive questions, and the person with the most points after all players have read 5 questions is the winner. The point scoring is where Think Again! carves its niche in the trivia world. The player reading the question is holding the trivia cards so that no one can see the back of the deck. Once they are done reading the question they reveal the back of the card on top of the deck. That card might have 1 of 6 graphics on it. 3 of these graphics prompt the players to give the right answer, 3 of them prompt the players to give the wrong answer. The graphics are red squares or green circles, the words “right” or “wrong”, and finally a Professor or a Dunce cartoon.

ThinkAgain_wrongAn example question might be “What video game features two brothers rescuing a princess?” Of course the right answer would be Super Mario Bros., a wrong answer might be the Blues Brothers or the Baldwins. Depending on which graphic is revealed when the players are asked that question, any of those answers may be correct. Being the first to correctly respond with the wrong or right answer will yield you a point. Incorrectly responding with the wrong or right answer will result in losing a point. And of course, the player with the most points wins.

But wait, there is another trivia curveball. There are blue-colored questions known as “absurd questions”. These questions only have one correct answer: think again! Any other answer is considered incorrect, and will cause the first player who answered to lose a point. Some example questions might be “The American flag shows what kind of animal?” or “During Easter, what kind of squash do we decorate?” or “Music can be tasted with which utensil?” This addition to the question pool is perfect. Not only do you need to think “do I answer the right thing or the wrong thing?” but you also have to ask yourself “is this even a legit question?”.

ThinkAgain_cardThink Again! is a funny party game. Once you get past explaining the weird concept and wrapping your mind around the dexterity of holding the deck correctly so you don’t expose the answer prompt—the game flies by. The most fun you’ll have in this game is watching people’s stumble over whether to give the right or wrong answer. The temptation of answering easy questions quickly is the crux of the game. When the questions are so obvious, you can barely hold back from answering them quickly and hoarding all the points for yourself. As with many things in life, patience is a virtue but time is of the essence. Wait to long and you’ll be left with no victory points, rush to answer and you might answer incorrectly and lose points.

This game is great for getting the laughs and conversations going at a social gathering. Its also a wonderful icebreaker in a casual business or school environment. I’d easily recommend this game for those looking to get past the “I have no idea” or “How old are these questions?” responses from the Trivial Pursuit games. I worry about the longevity of the game, but if its used in the right way and exposed to new people often, I wouldn’t think twice about purchasing it (get it? think twice, think again—I hate myself).

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