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Its hard to believe the zombie genre has come this far since the days of George Romero. In Plants vs. Zombies HD, flesh hungry ghouls have turned into socially conscious vegetarians, and your house is the salad bar.

Crazy Dave, who can only be described as our twitchy, marble mouthed game guide, prepares you for the zombie hoard rushing your house. You have a gridded off area of your backyard to mount a defense…with plants. Using sunshine as your currency for buying plants, you place them strategically on your lawn to fend off the attacking zombies.

Plants vs Zombie Menu

The variety of plants and their special abilities is one of the many quirky gaming elements of Plants vs. Zombies HD. Peashooters, Cherry bombs, Garlic, Cob Cannons, Potato mines, and mushrooms (to name a few) are all part of your arsenal.

The gameplay itself quickly progresses from strategic placement of plants to a panicking frenzy of resource management. Your sun is limited to the occasional boost during daytime maps and your strategic use of Sunflowers. At night you have to rely on Sunflowers and Sun-Shrooms to supply your defenses, no sun boosts (cause its night time, duh).

As you progress level by level, you collect money from defeating zombies and completing levels. The money is used to purchase different forms of plants and special game accessories to help you along your way, a rake that zombies step on and kill themselves is one example…a nice homage to slapstick comedy and one of the many ways Popcap games keeps the game light-hearted and fun. For those who just can’t grind out long enough to purchase the high end plants, there is an in app purchasing system that will allow you to buy in game money to purchase upgrades. You might consider planning on dropping $2–$3 worth in app purchases to buy the slew of mini games that come with Plants vs Zombies, completely worth it.

This game has been on my iPhone and iPad since day one. Its my “go to game” for a quick 5 minute fix or hours of challenging mini games, puzzles, and survival modes. As a horror nerd, zombie fan and tower defense fan —this game hits me on many levels. The graphics are cute enough to appeal to the young mobile gamers out there playing on Mom’s iPhone and detailed enough to satisfy the zombie fanboys.

PopCaps Games first developed Plants vs. Zombies for PC and Mac in 2009. The game has since exploded from its release on iOS (iPhone and iPad) into many more platforms: Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, Android, and even Blackberry. (this review is based on the iPad version)

A planned sequel was recently announced in August of 2012. Needless to say, I can’t wait.

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