King of Tokyo: Halloween

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kingoftokyo_halloweenCoverIt’s that time of year when people dress up as their favorite monster or, in recent memory, the sexy [insert career choice here]. I hear some of you saying “Darn the luck, I’m already a sexy librarian, what do I do for Halloween?” Well, I’m sorry you have suffer through this trying time. I might pose a question back at you; What if you are already a monster? Do you dress up like a human? King of Tokyo: Halloween is an expansion to the wildly successful King of Tokyo that brings some fun and light-hearted Halloween elements to the act of smashing Tokyo one stomp at a time.

For an idea of how the core King of Tokyo plays, check out our review.

This expansion has 2 all new monsters, Pumpkin Jack and Boogey Woogey, as well as a set of orange and black six-sided dice—obviously bursting with theme! The characters also come with their corresponding evolution cards so that they can be played in conjunction with the King of Tokyo: Power Up! expansion.

kingoftokyo_halloween_charactersWhere this expansion really adds to the gameplay is with the 12 costume cards (aka power cards). Costumes include: Zombie, Cheer Leader, Clown, Astronaut, Witch, Ghost, Princess, Statue of Liberty, Vampire, Pirate, Devil, and Robot. These cards are added to the core set’s deck and, when drawn, are purchased just like any other card. The only difference with costume cards is that if a player were to roll at least three fists on their turn, they can steal costumes from any monster they damage by paying that monster the cost of the costume.

kingoftokyo_halloween_costumecardsHere are a couple of my favorite costume abilities.

Cheerleader: You can choose to cheer for any monster when he attacks. If you do, they deal 1 extra damage.

Zombie: You don’t get eliminated if your health reaches 0. Any further damage is ignored. If this costume is stolen from you when you have 0 health, you are eliminated as usual.

IELLO continues to build on the success of King of Tokyo with this expansion. As always, high quality components and compelling artwork are on center stage. Usually thematic add-ons can get boring and start to feel like leeching money from fans—with King of Tokyo, I wouldn’t mind more holiday themed expansions. The more characters the merrier.

kingoftokyo_halloween_diceThe addition of 2 more characters allows for someone with a core set to play up to 8 players, however I believe 6 is still the officially recommended player number. I have played a few games with more than 6 and the wait for your turn to come back around can get a little annoying. Perhaps a better reason to stay at 6 and under is the chance of surviving a round in Tokyo with 6 or more players is next to none.

As a shameless monster lover, King of Tokyo has always hit the spot for me. Add a Halloween theme to that and you’ve got to really, really mess up for me to not find something to like. That being said, King of Tokyo: Halloween doesn’t have to try to hard. This expansion does everything you want an expansion to do: spice up the game play, add more choices, step up the style, and maintain the quality of the original.

There is no trick with this game, only treat. Happy Halloween!

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