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kersploosh!Do you like throwing stones down wells? Do you like to imagine the world of wonder that your stone will almost certainly not see as it plummets to its inevitable and watery end?Do you have absolutely nothing better to play? Kersploosh!, a title created by Poisoft, is a rather short, downloadable title for the 3DS all about objects falling down wells. Yes, wells.

Strangely enough, those wells are full of obstacles that hinder the object’s progression to the bottom. I say object because besides the average stone there is a bouncy ball, a watermelon, and a Maryoshka doll (among other things). Each of these objects has a durability rating and a speed rating so that players can choose just how they want to beat their friends’ times. The fall is not so easy though; an object can easily succumb to the perils of floating pizza slices, cookies, and donuts, all of which will try to impede the object’s descent to the deep. Each level is designed to look like the object is actually tunneling down a well, so the game has simple visuals that look great in 3D.

Pizza Slices KersplooshAs fun and ridiculous as the game sounds, the experience feels limited, as there are only ten wells to fall into. At the beginning of each well-drop, there are awkward scenes where boys talk about strange things like life fulfillment and other disjointed, unrelated metaphors. Successfully completing the game only takes an hour or so, but it will take competitive falling and experimentation with objects to unlock all the available items. After beating each level though, I didn’t feel compelled to continue dropping things. While I expected each level to be progressively wackier, longer, and more difficult, this was not always the case; In fact, many levels have copied themes with different lengths and obstacles. Rather than each level feeling like a new experience, it felt stale. Oftentimes simple games need a jolt of personality to keep things interesting, and I think that while Kersploosh! is odd and creative in concept, it doesn’t have any lasting power game-wise.

There are many other titles for the same price with more replay value, maybe not on 3DS, but certainly in the almost infinite library of cheap games on IOS. It is impossible to knock Kersploosh! for its creativity and simplicity—it really is a mindlessly fun experience, but at the bottom of the well, it feels like an empty one.

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