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Storage is the afterthought of the gaming hobby. Rarely do you hear “I just got this great shelf for my games” or “I finally organized that junk drawer so I can fit all my decks of cards”. We as gamers love games, but what do we love more than games? more games!

In recent years, Living Card Games (LCG) have been growing in popularity at an alarming rate. Fantasy Flight games has really pushed the “Living” model through their Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Android Netrunner titles. LCGs feel like the old faithful trading card games, Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon, but they cut out the random booster packs of cards. When getting into an LCG, you might purchase a core set and a few expansions to get you started. The awesome part (depending on your perspective) is that there is no rare card chasing or hugely expensive, limited print cards; buy a core set or an expansion and you have a copy of every card! The trading card games always came in plastic foil packs with no inherent storage. LCGs, on the other hand, come in a traditional board game style box. Go7 Gaming identified a need for organization within the boxes, and thus their Game Box Inserts were born.

Go7Gaming_InsertTheses game boxes get my gamer nerd juices flowing in a few different ways. First off, I love being organized. These inserts provide slotted areas that can expand and contract depending on a growing or shifting collection. Words can’t explain how satisfying it is to sort and organize your cards into an efficient and easily accessible box (I’m just realizing I might be mildly OCD). Secondly, these inserts allow me to continue to use the original box the game came in—complete with beautiful artwork and  a clear label to denote what game it is. I’ve had my fair share of plain white cardboard boxes of cards and I can tell you there is nothing more boring to look at on a game shelf.

Much like their Bit Boxes, the inserts are cut from HDF wood product (high-density fiberboard). It is similar to particle board, but much denser and much stronger. The product itself gets shipped to you in pieces and arrives awaiting some wood glue and 15 minutes of drying time. I’m no stranger to hating “some assembly required” but I can honestly say constructing this insert was super simple. Read the directions, grab the recommended brand of wood glue, and you’ll be good to go.

Go7Gaming_Insert_glueFor the $18 price point you get a lot of quality. I was pleasantly surprised to see that each insert comes with fifteen clear acrylic dividers to help customize the size of each lane of storage. The dividers have a logically placed cutout to help remove the cards from the box without hurting your fingers or bending the cards. Its details like that that are the mark of a good product.

This insert is designed to fit inside the following game boxes:

  • Warhammer Invasion: The Card Game
  • Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
  • Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
  • Star Wars: The Card Game
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game
  • Android Netrunner: The Card Game
  • High Command, Hordes/Warmachine (core box)

Before you go adding this to your shopping cart, be sure to check their compatibility page to ensure you are buying the right insert for the game you want to use it for.

Go7GameBoxInsert_NetrunnerIf it helps to drive home how much I love the Go7 Gaming: Game Box Inserts, I purchased a second one so that I am prepared to organize my cards in the future as my Netrunner collection grows.

Go7 Gaming provided The Gamer Nerd with a review copy of this product.

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