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Ironically, gaming can be a serious hobby. For those of us that take it to the next level, there are next level components. Shelf after shelf and card box after card box of games: they are not the only things filling our homes—what about the bits? So many pieces, so little time. So many dice, not enough rolling. Go7 Gaming spawned from a need for a better way to organize and store games and their bits. Turning a hobby into a business, Bobby Griggs launched Go7 Gaming via Kickstarter. With a modest $5,000 goal, Griggs got his products off the ground with a whopping $79,000 backing from the Kickstarter faithful.

go7gaming_bitbox_dice2Enter their laser cut, wooden, and acrylic gaming accessories. We were able to get our hands on a couple of their bit storage boxes (Bit Box-001 and Bit Box-002). I’d recommend checking out their site for dimensions and product specifics. The boxes are cut from HDF wood product (high-density fiberboard). It is similar to particle board, but much denser and much stronger. The large box has 8 compartments and the small box has 6. Each sport a friction-based sliding top lid that not only keeps the bits safe and sound, but organized in their own spaces.

go7gaming_bitboxAside from my (most likely unnatural) love of the smell of wood products, these things are top notch, beautiful gaming accessories. They come unfinished and in kit form. Wait a minute, did I say kit form? Does that mean some assembly required? It does. I’ve gotta be honest, “some assembly required” has always been a bad word in my house. I’m not the most handy guy around nor do I keep a bunch of tools around for specialty projects. Go7 Gaming did a good job of piecing these boxes out in a simple and easily constructible way. Sure I had to run to the hobby store to grab a bottle of wood glue, but once I wrapped my mind around how the boxes were put together, the glue was nothing special. For both boxes it took me 20–30 minutes to put them together, have the glue in the right places, and looking good. I let them sit overnight before I weighed them down with dice and tokens and put them to the test. Try as I might, these boxes are really sturdy.

go7gaming_bitbox_tokensI’ve found the boxes to be great game-side accessories for tokens and dice. No awkward plastic fishing tackle boxes or tool boxes. No ugly ziplock bags. Just a nice, well-constructed, easily accessible, functional, unobtrusive bit box. I have no problem fully embracing these products as a part of my gaming collection.

Go7 Gaming provided The Gamer Nerd with a review copy of this product.

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