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EnemyFrontSo, recently I decided to try a few new(ish) shooter games. I wanted ones preferably set during World War II just so I could get away from the craziness that inevitably comes with Battlefield. Also, because of the love affair I have with another WWII game, (Enemy Territory, of course!) I wanted to stay within the same general theme and first up was Enemy Front.

I was cautious at first. After doing a bit of nosing around, the reviews were mixed, with most of them being negative. People were condemning the graphics, the AI, the characters, and even the name was generating hate. But I was like, “meh, whatevs. I’m still gonna give it a try.” And with all the negativity at the forefront of my mind, I purchased Enemy Front with slight trepidation. Was I disappointed? Nope.

I just couldn’t (and still can’t) understand why so many people disliked it. Unless I have an undeniable attraction to crappy games, (I suppose Enemy Territory definitely has its faults) I still loved it. Okay, so there were a few things that, after a while, admittedly got annoying. For one, all the allied characters referred to me as “Newspaper Man” which at first was like “heh, mkay” but it definitely became overused. By the end of the game I couldn’t even remember what the name of my character was. In fact, I couldn’t remember the names of any characters. They just never felt like they had their own depth or personality, instead they were just there to help the plot progress. Alas, the characterization was definitely a let down, but easily forgotten about once you’re immersed in a mission. The music is intense and fits perfectly into the WWII theme and, when coupled with some of the amazing scenery, I found it hard to understand why there were so many negative comments regarding the graphics. But, like I have said in my previous review, it all boils down to personal choice.


So with that in mind, let’s rewind and focus on a few of the facts. Enemy Front was first announced in 2011, and is also available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The developers at CI games said that they had attempted to show a “different side to war” with Enemy Front, based on the mindset that winning doesn’t necessarily have to mean killing all of the enemy forces. Many¬†mission objectives don’t involve any head-on threats at all. Players are given freedom to choose their own playing style with sniping, intense combat, stealth, and sabotage all being viable approaches to objective completion. ¬†Enemy Front also has a multiplayer option, with fouEnemy-Front-sniperr maps available to play. However, I did find that the maps were a bit too large given that the max player amount was 8 per team, especially when cooperation is essential to winning rounds. However, when deathmatch is “everyone for themselves,” it can be a fun and enjoyable experience. The modes add an interesting twist to the usual multiplayer modes, my favorite being Control Point, where the objective is to obtain radios that are located randomly all over the map in order to send a message.

All in all, with the visceral visuals, the emotional music, stunning scenery, and interesting plot progression, I sincerely hope that this game gains a bit more popularity, particularly within the multiplayer. If Enemy Front could sustain a strong community, I truly believe it could be an epic gaming experience for moderate and competitive gamers alike.

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