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CoinsForAnything_FantasyMetalGamingCoinsThe nature of fantasy culture relies on fantastic imaginary worlds where magic and fantastic creatures are common. Often inspired by mythology and folklore, fantasy role-playing and gaming might just be as close as we can get to experiencing our fantasies as reality. For as engrossing as a genre artwork can be, there are limits to immersing one’s self by merely looking at fantastic imagery. Board games and Role playing can rely heavily on figurines, costumes, and props. Coins for Anything has come up with a marriage of art and accessory with their line of Fantasy Metal Gaming Coins.

Currently on Kickstarter, these coins are nothing short of high quality. The materials, weight, size, and detail are unlike any coin I’ve seen. The coins are plated in antique gold, silver, and copper finishes. The antiquing is an intricate process of adhering a special powder to the sandblasted surfaces and grooves within the design of the coins—adding tremendous contrast, detail, and depth. There are three different sizes each with 3mm or 2.5mm thickness. Gold (35mm), Silver (30mm), and Copper (25mm) finishes are available.

coinsforanything_fantasymetalgamingcoins_1Nine different fantasy coin collections are available:
Earth, Egyptian, Greek, Dragon, Fire, Magic, Viking, Roman, and Pirate.

I personally don’t do much, if any, role-playing or role-playing gaming. Even so, these coins will still find a place in many of my games. The wide range of fantasy themes lend themselves to a plethora of tabletop game genres. Perhaps the most obvious addition to most board game boxes might be the Magic set. At the bare minimum I can see any of these coins be used for player markers, start players, round tracking, victory points, currency, resources, and so on… The art style hits hard on all the themes, only adding to the experience.

coinsforanything_fantasymetalgamingcoins_2Whether you LARP (live action role play), Role-Play, Tabletop game, or even find yourself in need for some party favors, props, or costume accessories for the Halloween season—these coins can be a wonderful addition. Heck, maybe you just want some nice fantasy artwork or love collecting coins. Coins for Anything has done a wonderful job with these Fantasy Metal Gaming Coins. Take a look at their kickstarter for pricing, in-depth details, and additional product images.

Coins for Anything provided The Gamer Nerd with review copies of this product.

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