MVRP: Vinny’s Scraps

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Burger kingThis week features a special episode of MVRP, no it isn’t a clip show, today we have spliced two “lost” scraps of MVRP history and put them together for your viewing pleasure. The first game is Sneak King, a previously unaired episode that we originally just cut completely. The second clip is an extended look at Ninja Gaiden for Xbox in which Vinny refuses to be lambasted by the second stage boss anymore. We still have a few scraps in the MVRP vault so if you like this one, let us know and we can splice some more clips together. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Mike and Vinny do not own the copyright for Sneak King, Ninja Gaiden, or anything associated with either game. But rather, they appreciate the hard work of the programmers and creators associated with them and hope to honor them by playing their creations and sharing them with others. This video is done with fair use laws and regulations firmly in mind.

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