The Gamer Nerd Turns 2

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GN_Balloons_turns22 years ago we launched The Gamer Nerd. We’ve grown so much this past year. We wanted to take a quick moment to share in some of our accomplishments—and when I say “our” I mean you too! Without our readers and fellow nerds we would be nothing. So cheers to you and thanks for making this site worthwhile.

In the past year we have:
Added an additional 62 game reviews, doubling our review total to 122 reviews (as of this post).
Doubled our traffic, not only in hits per year but also our daily hit average.
We’ve expanded our nerd-kingdom to Youtube.
With the addition of Mike and Vinny Reluctantly Play to our video arsenal we’ve posted 71 episodes.
Our newest contributor, Shanice, has not only expanded our reach to the UK but has added a new video presence to Youtube with her Shan’s First Look videos.

Thanks again for all the support! As The Gamer Nerd turns 2, we look forward to many more birthdays!

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