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gamernerd_youtubeAlong with the official launch of The Gamer Nerd’s Youtube Channel, is a series of videos by resident writer, Vinny Orsillo, and his buddy Mike. For a little background, while Mike falls into the more Call of Duty, first-person shooter gamer with a smattering of other interests, Vinny is more of a Nintendo, platformer, puzzle, other gamer. Interests are all fine and good, and while there are some games that meet in the middle of this Vinny/Mike Venn diagram, many do not. So, for the sake of fun, misery, and all-out spite, the two decided that forcing one another to play games they’d rather not would be fun to do and record for the amusement of others. Mike and Vinny Reluctantly Play was born.

First up, Vinny plays a game he feared and did everything he could to stay away from, Doom. Mars hasn’t seen a hero like Vinny before, a pants-wetter from the get-go. Second, Mike has to play a series he hasn’t revisited since the early Genesis days, Sonic the Hedgehog. He dabbles between the two Sonics of Sonic Generations with… mixed results and fantastic scores, despite how badly it all seems. Tune in every week for new videos revealing Mike and Vinny’s ineptitude at games they have no reason to enjoy. We hope that this series of videos in which we grief one another is as much fun to watch as it is to record.

As always, please leave your comments below and offer up suggestions for future videos and features that we nerds can bring you.

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