The Gamer Nerd was founded on the premise of a love for gaming. Nerds have this tendency to take things to an obsessive level, the terms “obsessive” and “nerd” go hand and hand. From rule sticklers and gaming purists to weekend warriors and hangout gamers —there’s a place for everyone.

Friendships are made and broken over gaming. There were Sega households and Nintendo households back in the day, and then Playstation or Xbox, now its Console or PC. There are card gamers and board gamers. There are sports gamers and fantasy gamers. There are the mobile gamers who fight over Android or iOS supremacy. Once we get past the rivalries, its all about having fun.

The Gamer Nerd is a group of contributors with varied gaming tastes ready to showcase what’s in their system, on their table, or in their pocket. We hope to foster a community where more gamers can let their nerd show—whether it be to boast about a high score, flaunt their collection, or help someone make a buying decision.