Russian Railroads

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Railroads are a common theme in Eurogames. The most popular Eurogame is likely Ticket to Ride. The two most often used mechanics in railroad games are Network Building and Pickup and Deliver. Russian Railroads has neither of these and is instead a pure worker placement game. 2-4 players can participate, it has a play time clocking in around 2 hours, and, in my opinion, it is a solid and complex game. (more…)


Fire Emblem Awakening

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Tactical RPGs are not in my comfort zone and, save some mainstays like Disgaea, it is a rarely released genre. That considered, on top of my unfamiliarity with the genre, Fire Emblem Awakening was not a purchase I expected to make. It is best-known for its notorious penchant for killing off characters permanently once they have been thwarted on the battlefield. (more…)


Spin Monkeys

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What’s more adorable than monkeys? Monkeys in bumper cars. Spin Monkeys is a game with deep, deep backstory —you are a monkey in the jungle that stumbles upon a carnival. You and your monkey friends swing into the bumper cars and start sliding and slamming around the arena floor snatching up fruit. Ok, so clearly this is a light, family style game with very little “story” but where the heft is lacking the gameplay pulls ahead. (more…)