The Last of Us

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Make me feel something; I dare you. This is the demand that we put on art. Wait, don’t let those first sentences stop you, I promise not to hammer on about videogames as an art form since it has been beaten to death already by those better equipped than I. (more…)


Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (Remake)

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As I was finishing my DuckTales Remastered review, I was surprised to see yet another old Disney game remake ready to be downloaded and waiting for my money budgeted for nostalgia. Castle of Illusion:Starring Mickey Mouse is a Sega game from back in the Genesis days that is largely well-remembered; it soon became a series, with Donald backing Mickey up in a few titles to make people who prefer the eternally-miffed foul (like me!). The original game is so loved that a 3DS spin-off, Power of Illusion, came out in 2012 to less-than-stellar reviews. (more…)