Rocket League

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Rocket League is just over a month old after being released July 7th, 2015 for PC and PS4 and it has already made a huge name for itself. The game is growing so fast that a new map has already been released and caused a commotion about competitive play. Yes, that’s right it already has it’s own competitive scene set up, along with Psyonix, the game’s publisher, having a world championship in the works. There is even a dedicated Rocket League Twitch channel and this is just the start.



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I’ve been dipping my fingers into a few “indie” titles recently. It is a term that we aren’t quite sure about. Sometimes an indie is a game actually developed by an independent studio or individual and sometimes the name is slapped on to just mean a shorter title produced by a big company. It doesn’t bother me. (more…)


Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (Remake)

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As I was finishing my DuckTales Remastered review, I was surprised to see yet another old Disney game remake ready to be downloaded and waiting for my money budgeted for nostalgia. Castle of Illusion:Starring Mickey Mouse is a Sega game from back in the Genesis days that is largely well-remembered; it soon became a series, with Donald backing Mickey up in a few titles to make people who prefer the eternally-miffed foul (like me!). The original game is so loved that a 3DS spin-off, Power of Illusion, came out in 2012 to less-than-stellar reviews. (more…)


Gone Home

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There is something about an empty house at night, regardless of how skeptical one is of the paranormal, that is eerie.  There is something else about a house and the odds and ends that people keep in their junk drawers, atop their nightstands, and underneath their mattresses. (more…)