King of Tokyo: Halloween

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It’s that time of year when people dress up as their favorite monster or, in recent memory, the sexy [insert career choice here]. I hear some of you saying “Darn the luck, I’m already a sexy librarian, what do I do for Halloween?” Well, I’m sorry you have suffer through this trying time. I might pose a question back at you; What if you are already a monster? Do you dress up like a human? King of Tokyo: Halloween is an expansion to the wildly successful King of Tokyo that brings some fun and light-hearted Halloween elements to the act of smashing Tokyo one stomp at a time. (more…)


Pass The Pigs

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If you’ve ever used the familiar idiom “When pigs fly”, Pass The Pigs might be the game that makes you keep your word. Tossing pigs around the table, pressing your luck, and amassing pig points to win the game—that’s the story of these 2 little pigs. (more…)


Unique Dice Towers

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Unique Dice Towers is a company that employed the miracles of Kickstarter to back a project that went up in April of 2012 and found itself 2,243% funded by May. Yep, you read that right —they asked for $1,000 to start this project and ended up raising $22,438. I think its safe to say that the gaming community was ripe for their products. As the name would have it, Unique Dice Towers produces very unique dice towers. (more…)


Relic Expedition

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In the heart of South America lies treasure from a lost civilization. Treasure seekers have gathered to explore the unknown surroundings and collect their riches. Relic Expedition is an ever expanding tile game, firmly backed with an unknown jungle theme. Beyond tile placement, there are elements of set collecting, dice rolling, and even a small amount of resource management. At first glance you might slap a “roll and move” label on Relic Expedition, but it grows into much more than that as the game progresses. (more…)


Formula D

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There has been a long standing argument as to whether racing is a sport, I don’t really have a dog in that fight (or a car in that race?) but I might pose another question. Can racing be a board game? The first game that comes to mind is the 1950s classic, Mille Bornes. A French card game in which players compete to travel 1000 km while dealing with hazards along the way. (more…)