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I remember when I was new to the hobby. I owned a handful of euro’s, and I wanted to dip my toe into the very intimidating war game waters. Like a total noob, I made the mistake of jumping on the BoardGameGeek war game forum and asking if there were any war games that weren’t luck dependent. I was laughed off the board. I learned a couple of important lessons. 1. Sometimes people on the internet aren’t nice. 2. War games strive to be realistic, and the idea of war without luck is laughable. (more…)



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Hearthstone is, in its essence, Magic: The Gathering played on a computer. It was developed by Blizzard in the World of Warcraft Universe. Players have a deck of cards, which contain minions and spells, and they seek to destroy the other player before he or she destroys them. Sound like Magic: The Gathering? Yep, except this time creatures are called minions. Same difference, right? (more…)



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The scene is a dystopian science fiction world that lives within The Resistance universe (The Resistance being the wildly successful party game of social deduction in which players take on secret roles as either Resistance Operatives or Imperial Spies). We find ourselves living under a government who only cares about profit and greed in all forms. The Resistance Operatives created tension among the leadership and shone a light on the government’s weaknesses, bringing it to a near collapse. Coup is a game that is positioned as something of a sequel to The Resistance. This time players take on the role of a powerful government official. Within this period of unrest, players have a chance to capitalize on their ability to manipulate, bribe, and bluff their way to absolute power. After all, what’s better than power? More power. (more…)



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Are fireworks, parades, barbecues, fairs, picnics, baseball games, and family reunions not enough for your 4th of July celebration? How about we toss in some tabletop gaming? Hanabi is a game named after the Japanese word for “fireworks”. I know what you are thinking, “celebrate Independence Day with a foreign game? HERESY!” Well, try and move past that, Hanabi is a wonderful game—and really its just a name. (more…)


Lunch Money

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Growing up I’ve had a few sketchy moments on the playground during recess. That stereotypical “gimme your lunch money!” interaction never happened to me (we all had free lunch growing up in the Cleveland Public School system), but I’ve definitely had more than my fair share of scuffles. Lunch Money is a game that simulates that unforgettable experience of a playground brawl. (more…)