NES Remix

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The greatest thing about the original Nintendo (better known in the rest of this review as the NES) is the fact that it rescued the video game industry from the quagmire that other companies like Atari had put it in by over-saturating the market with bad games, perhaps understandably, since there were no industry veterans. At release the NES established Nintendo as the leader in hardware and software innovation. Those days are gone and Nintendo has of late received a lot of criticism for what is being called a failed system, the Wii U. (more…)


Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

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The Final Fantasy series can be a sore subject today. There are two camps: people who will play anything with the name Final Fantasy in the title, and people who loved the old Final Fantasy games and stubbornly refuse to play the new ones.I fit into the first of those camps. My love for the series burns, since I love it knowing that the newer Final Fantasy titles are gorgeous but seriously lacking, mostly in coherent plot. (more…)



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Do you like throwing stones down wells? Do you like to imagine the world of wonder that your stone will almost certainly not see as it plummets to its inevitable and watery end?Do you have absolutely nothing better to play? Kersploosh!, a title created by Poisoft, is a rather short, downloadable title for the 3DS all about objects falling down wells. Yes, wells. (more…)


Infinity Blade

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Remember the good ol’ days of cellphone gaming? Solitaire and Snake. Forget those, Infinity Blade is the cell gaming lobotomy the industry needed. The game marks a revolution in the limitations of technology and whats expected out of mobile game developers. The iOS platform (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) has given a stage for games like this to shine on. Graphics, mechanics, storyline, and hours of gameplay are all attainable in the mobile environment. If you don’t believe me, download Infinity Blade. (more…)