…and then, we held hands.

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Emotions run high while playing games all the time; the thrill of victory, the disappointment of defeat, the tension of a die roll, and the frustration of a “take that!” from an opponent. Sometime’s game designer’s rely on those emotions to drive the gameplay and take the fun to another level. In …and then, we held hands, the emotions ARE the gameplay. Confused? Don’t worry, that’s just another emotional hurdle we’ll have to get passed. (more…)


Ricochet Robots

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Sometimes you play a game that makes you bash your head against a wall—Ricochet Robots is that game. I don’t just mean that in the sense that this game can be extremely brain-burning, it’s also literally what you do in the game. Ricochet Robots might sound like a convenient use of alliteration but really the game could not be more aptly named. (more…)