Rocket League

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Rocket League is just over a month old after being released July 7th, 2015 for PC and PS4 and it has already made a huge name for itself. The game is growing so fast that a new map has already been released and caused a commotion about competitive play. Yes, that’s right it already has it’s own competitive scene set up, along with Psyonix, the game’s publisher, having a world championship in the works. There is even a dedicated Rocket League Twitch channel and this is just the start.


Metroid: Other M

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I’m disappointed to say that the Metroid series has been a gap in my video game playlist for years. It was only just last year that I played Super Metroid, a game that (if I could) would get a 10 on our site with the disclaimer “because reasons” and nothing more. Since beating Super Metroid, I have dipped my toes into the scant but diverse Metroid lineup and, most recently, played what is probably the least loved of the series. (more…)



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A third-person shooter that focuses heavily on multiplayer is the very last thing anyone expected out of Nintendo at E3 of 2014. Splatoon is a difficult game to put a pin in as far as a score, especially because while the content on day one was notably scarce, Nintendo continues to release new weapons, multiplayer levels, and events free-of-charge. (more…)


Gauntlet (2014)

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I’m not usually a nostalgia fan, I tend to go for the newest of the new style games, but there is a special place in my heart for dungeon crawlers. Flash-back to days at the arcade, or as I remember, the skating rink, to play a remastered version of Gauntlet. A top down dungeon crawler with nostalgia and newness abound. With the popularity of the Diablo series it’s no surprise to see the rebirth of more games like it. (more…)



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Hearthstone is, in its essence, Magic: The Gathering played on a computer. It was developed by Blizzard in the World of Warcraft Universe. Players have a deck of cards, which contain minions and spells, and they seek to destroy the other player before he or she destroys them. Sound like Magic: The Gathering? Yep, except this time creatures are called minions. Same difference, right? (more…)


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Despite playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U for nearly twenty hours just on the weekend of its release, I have taken months to digest it, collect my thoughts, and write about it in a way that masks the foam forming at the corners of my lips. I must confess; Smash Bros. still makes me a giddy 12-year-old boy (more…)


Wolfenstein: The New Order

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When it comes to FPS games like Wolfenstein: The New Order, I always hold a certain unspoken expectation. It’s an expectation that, well, I can never really put my finger on. Impressive graphics? Hmm, meh. Since my favorite all-time FPS game was released in 2003, I’d be hard-pressed to say that amazing graphics really pull me in. So maybe it’s maneuverability; controls that allow me to use skill and dexterity to the max, controls that feel natural and don’t have me panicking to find that one key in the heat of the moment? (I never have to look at my keyboard when typing or when I’m relaxed, but for some reason, when I’m in-game, moments away from death and need to find that one key to save myself, I look down and it’s like I’m seeing a keyboard for the first time in my life.) Sure, maneuverability is a pretty big deal. (more…)


Hyrule Warriors

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Seemingly forged in the fires of confusion is the somewhat surprisingly good and in other ways underwhelming Hyrule Warriors. I say confusion because few combinations seem less likely than Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series and Tecmo-Koei’s Dynasty Warriors franchise. While the source material for the theme is all taken from Zelda, the gameplay is indisputably that of Dynasty Warriors. Whether or not this game blights one of Nintendo’s most successful intellectual properties or  this game helps broaden the Nintendo brand is a question for another time. For now, let’s focus on what’s important: is Hyrule Warriors a good game? (more…)


Ticket to Ride: Steam Edition

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Ticket to Ride is a modern classic in the world of board games. Like many popular games, they are able to be played online as well. Ticket to Ride is no exception and the main Ticket to Ride server is run by Days of Wonder, the company that produces the hard copy. The neat thing about the online version of Ticket to Ride is that it can be played cross-platform. This review looks at the game online as played on Steam. It can also be played on a web-based JAVA server and an iPad. I will break down how the game looks on Steam, how it plays, and if it is worth playing this digital, online version. (more…)