Amiibo (Wave 1)

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The current state of Nintendo as a company has the Wii U floundering and the 3DS treading water—but wait. What’s that off in the distance? Its AmiiboAmiibo is the latest way to play with your old friend Mario and a series of his closest buddies. If there is one thing Nintendo excels at, it’s intellectual property (IP) stretching. Amiibo might be just what Dr. Mario ordered for Nintendo’s bottom line and its efforts to remain relevant in the gaming community.


Coins for Anything: Fantasy Metal Gaming Coins

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The nature of fantasy culture relies on fantastic imaginary worlds where magic and fantastic creatures are common. Often inspired by mythology and folklore, fantasy role-playing and gaming might just be as close as we can get to experiencing our fantasies as reality. For as engrossing as a genre artwork can be, there are limits to immersing one’s self by merely looking at fantastic imagery. Board games and Role playing can rely heavily on figurines, costumes, and props. Coins for Anything has come up with a marriage of art and accessory with their line of Fantasy Metal Gaming Coins. (more…)


CritSuccess Dice Ring

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Gen Con 2013 was quite the gaming extravaganza. Apart from tournaments and events, there was the looming presence of the vendor hall—all the gaming swag you could imagine, the only limit to the fun to be had in this room was your bankroll. One of the greatest surprises of Gen Con 2013 for me was coming across the CritSuccess Dice Rings. (more…)


Unique Dice Towers

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Unique Dice Towers is a company that employed the miracles of Kickstarter to back a project that went up in April of 2012 and found itself 2,243% funded by May. Yep, you read that right —they asked for $1,000 to start this project and ended up raising $22,438. I think its safe to say that the gaming community was ripe for their products. As the name would have it, Unique Dice Towers produces very unique dice towers. (more…)