MVRP: NHL Hitz 2002

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Vinny isn’t a big sports fan. Mike is though, so this week Vinny will be subjected to NHL Hitz 2002 a game that refuses to use the proper spelling of hits if only to confuse and annoy Vinny, his spell-checker, and the entire nation of Canada. (more…)

MVRP: 007 Agent Under Fire

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Da da dah da da da da, da di du du du duh duh… The legacy of James Bond didn’t stop at Goldeneye. Well, maybe it did. Either way, Mike is forced to play 007 Agent Under Fire for PS2 and succeeds masterfully (more…)



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Are fireworks, parades, barbecues, fairs, picnics, baseball games, and family reunions not enough for your 4th of July celebration? How about we toss in some tabletop gaming? Hanabi is a game named after the Japanese word for “fireworks”. I know what you are thinking, “celebrate Independence Day with a foreign game? HERESY!” Well, try and move past that, Hanabi is a wonderful game—and really its just a name. (more…)


Witch and Hero

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The summer has always been a good time to start that list we all have of games we never played, never finished, or never even picked up. Games from years ago build up on the ever-increasing pile of good intentions that is the “to play” list. I’ve started knocking them off along with this post, the first off of my list that increases in-tandem with the “to play”, the “to review” list. Okay, Let’s start off full-tilt, uh… with Witch and Hero. Bleck. (more…)

MVRP: The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay is a game based on a series of movies, based on a comic, based on a… Vin Diesel. Yup. Something like that. Vinny hasn’t seen any of the films, nor has he played any of the games, so Mike has decided to force Vinny into it. Time for all the joy of being trapped in prison on an indistinct planet with terrible naming conventions. (more…)

MVRP: Upload 50 Extravaganza

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It is a mystery to everyone, until now. Well, not just now. You have to click the video first. Mike and Vinny can’t believe it, but we have finally reached our 50th upload. It has been a decent run and to thank everyone that has been watching, we both play the worst game featured on this show so far. (more…)

MVRP: Mega Man 7

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It has been a while since Mike was subjected to one of his least favorite series, Mega Man. Since Vinny is a vengeful person, he chose Mega Man 7 as Mike’s next taste of the fantastic blue bomber. I think we all learned something. That Mike is terrible at robots. (more…)

MVRP: Burnout Paradise

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Burnout Paradise is a game all about driving, illegally racing with, and destroying beautiful cars. Vinny’s less-than-adept non-kart, virtual driving skills are put to the test for the amusement of Mike and our loyal viewers. If you’ve been watching the show for a while, Mike and I would like to thank you and remind you that we are coming up on our 50th upload in just two weeks. For this auspicious occasion, we’d like to do something special. If you have any ideas or suggestions, leave them in the comments– we’d love to hear from you! (more…)


Glass Road

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Glass Road is a medium weight euro game designed by Uwe Rosenberg, known as the man who created Agricola and Le Harve. The game is much simpler than those classics, but it will give you a lot of game packed into 4 rounds of play that will take about 20/min per player. At its heart it is a resource management game with tile placement and simultaneous action selection elements. (more…)

MVRP: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

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Vinny is not one for bro-shooters. For Mike, it is his bread and butter. This week, Vinny is forced to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. So, does Vinny have what it takes to play the high-paced action shooter that has set the standard for all First-Person Shooters? No. You didn’t need to watch the video, you knew exactly where this was going. He is crap at it. Enjoy!




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Don’t you love when someone gives you a gift that actually ends up becoming a chore? Remember when your parents got you a pet? You had to clean up after it, take it for walks, clean it, and feed it? Yeah, that doggy in the window was adorable before you came to the realization that you are cleaning up another living thing’s poo and that your place on the food chain has been all screwed up. (more…)