Showdown: Craig Counsell

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MLB Showdown is the first game I got into on a competitive basis. Showdown is a collectible card game where players play baseball using a 20-sided die and a deck of strategy cards. This was in the height of the collectible card game (CCG) craze and at the time Pokémon was popular and you could find a CCG with just about any theme you wanted. The one I chose, MLB Showdown, made perfect sense for me, being the baseball lover that I am. (more…)


Xenoshyft Onslaught

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Mining is a hard job. It’s especially hard on another planet. It’s even harder when the stuff you’re mining drives the locals into a homicidal frenzy. When the stuff is Xenosathem, the most important fuel source in the universe, those threats don’t matter. You work for NorTec. They put you there to get a job done, and that’s what you’re gonna do. (more…)



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When the average American thinks of a board game, they most likely think of Monopoly. It is far from the only type of game, but this roll-and-move mechanic is what many non-gamers think of when they think of games. It is a classic, and certainly no game has been more important in the hobby since it was created way back in the 1930s. But is it a good game? That is what I intend to focus on here. (more…)

Hands-On With Splatoon

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The very idea that Nintendo is working on a third person shooter seems novel enough, but the fact that it involves squids in the guise of street kids shooting ink at one another for territory dominance is something that only could have come from the company famous for a kingdom full of talking mushrooms intermittently saved by a plumber. I had a chance to play Splatoon at PAX East last week, and I have a few thoughts about the experience. Well, that and I need to justify the fact that I waited an hour and a half to just get a few rounds in. (more…)



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If you grew up in the ’80’s like me, you probably read your fair share of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. I was obsessed with them as a kid, and when I heard about Fallen, I knew I had to check it out. You see, anytime I’ve played an RPG, I loved the game, but not the time commitment involved. Conversely, when I play most adventure game, I love finishing in an evening, but I really miss the story-telling that gives my adventuring and fight purpose. Fallen is the best combination of RPG and adventure board game I’ve experienced yet. (more…)


Russian Railroads

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Railroads are a common theme in Eurogames. The most popular Eurogame is likely Ticket to Ride. The two most often used mechanics in railroad games are Network Building and Pickup and Deliver. Russian Railroads has neither of these and is instead a pure worker placement game. 2-4 players can participate, it has a play time clocking in around 2 hours, and, in my opinion, it is a solid and complex game. (more…)