The Gamer Nerd Turns 3

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3 years ago we launched The Gamer Nerd. We’ve made it through our “terrible twos” and it was anything but terrible. The momentum is growing and we have you to thank. Without our readers and fellow nerds we would be nothing. So cheers to you and thanks for making this site worthwhile. (more…)


Rocket League

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Rocket League is just over a month old after being released July 7th, 2015 for PC and PS4 and it has already made a huge name for itself. The game is growing so fast that a new map has already been released and caused a commotion about competitive play. Yes, that’s right it already has it’s own competitive scene set up, along with Psyonix, the game’s publisher, having a world championship in the works. There is even a dedicated Rocket League Twitch channel and this is just the start.


Metroid: Other M

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I’m disappointed to say that the Metroid series has been a gap in my video game playlist for years. It was only just last year that I played Super Metroid, a game that (if I could) would get a 10 on our site with the disclaimer “because reasons” and nothing more. Since beating Super Metroid, I have dipped my toes into the scant but diverse Metroid lineup and, most recently, played what is probably the least loved of the series. (more…)



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A third-person shooter that focuses heavily on multiplayer is the very last thing anyone expected out of Nintendo at E3 of 2014. Splatoon is a difficult game to put a pin in as far as a score, especially because while the content on day one was notably scarce, Nintendo continues to release new weapons, multiplayer levels, and events free-of-charge. (more…)


Gauntlet (2014)

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I’m not usually a nostalgia fan, I tend to go for the newest of the new style games, but there is a special place in my heart for dungeon crawlers. Flash-back to days at the arcade, or as I remember, the skating rink, to play a remastered version of Gauntlet. A top down dungeon crawler with nostalgia and newness abound. With the popularity of the Diablo series it’s no surprise to see the rebirth of more games like it. (more…)


Overlords of Infamy

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In Overlords of Infamy, players compete as evil overlords in an attempt to be known as the most evil. How does this happen? Through the completion of evil plots, of course. The evil plots are a moderately humorous mix including things like “Remove Dolphins from the Planet” and “Throw Chlorine into the Gene Pool.” (more…)


Amiibo (Wave 1)

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The current state of Nintendo as a company has the Wii U floundering and the 3DS treading water—but wait. What’s that off in the distance? Its AmiiboAmiibo is the latest way to play with your old friend Mario and a series of his closest buddies. If there is one thing Nintendo excels at, it’s intellectual property (IP) stretching. Amiibo might be just what Dr. Mario ordered for Nintendo’s bottom line and its efforts to remain relevant in the gaming community.



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I remember when I was new to the hobby. I owned a handful of euro’s, and I wanted to dip my toe into the very intimidating war game waters. Like a total noob, I made the mistake of jumping on the BoardGameGeek war game forum and asking if there were any war games that weren’t luck dependent. I was laughed off the board. I learned a couple of important lessons. 1. Sometimes people on the internet aren’t nice. 2. War games strive to be realistic, and the idea of war without luck is laughable. (more…)